Originating from India and Pakistan, Shaheen Sweets was established by the late Abdul Hamid in Jackson Heights, Queens NY in 1973. There, Shaheen became the epicenter of traditional South Asian Sweets and Cuisine. Today, Shaheen Sweets continues to provide the freshest and finest mithai by servicing wholesale and online customers at a kitchen establishment in Jamaica, NY.

Over the years, Shaheen has been recognized as a staple in the NYC and Desi community. Our focus on customer service and quality mithai has led to acknowledgment from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomerg, New York Magazine in their 40th Anniversary Edition in a piece titled "Hamid and Sons", The New York Times,  NPR, PBS, Daily News, The Queens Gazette, City Lore, About.com, and the Queens Borough Community. In this digital era, we continue to recieve great support from customers on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Yelp.